C09 - A Moon-themed Unit: Teaching Mandarin 9-12

People from different cultures have continued to be fascinated and inspired by the moon, perceived commonly as being peaceful, beautiful, romantic. But Chinese people have regarded a full moon as a symbol of family reunion, associated with Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese literature, especially poetry, is full of moon images surrounding this theme. This workshop focuses on moon-themed poetry, containing six ancient and modern poems/songs I’ve taught in Mandarin 9-12. When I teach it in mid-September, my students have learned the phonetics and twenty basic characters like日(sun),月(moon) ,山(mountain),水{water}. We study the pronunciation and English meaning of characters in the poems and literary terms like theme and poetic devices. As people today still use most of the words from the old poems, I’ve created an exercise on forming words with the words from the poems. Next, I sing each poem with a compatible melody. Finally, students recite one poem and write a test on vocabulary and their understanding of the poems. The workshop participants will get a poetry unit package.


Friday 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Room Room 320

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  • Xue Wu