A08 - Teaching Japanese (and other languages) through Comprehensible Input

This presentation will focus on the CI (comprehensible input) approach to language instruction. Instead of teaching grammar rules and assigning vocabulary lists, CI emphasizes learning through the reading/creation of stories, and conversations with/about the students in the target language. This method dramatically improves student proficiency in the target language. Rather than struggling to get through a paragraph, students quickly develop the ability to read level appropriate multi-page stories. When provided with engaging, level-appropriate materials, the students are even able to read novels in the target language. While most of this presentation will be relevant to teachers of any language, it will also address specifically how to apply this method in a Japanese language class. Some research that supports this method will be presented, however, the bulk of the presentation will focus on what it looks like in the classroom.


Friday 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Room 321

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  • Matthew Russell