B04 - My Students Love French Now! Creating lessons which fully engage the Core French learner - Part 1

I've taught many a French class where students don't seem interested in learning the material or engaging in activities. Why were so many students answering my questions with "chépas Madame"? Through trial, error, student feedback and plenty of classroom observation and assessment, I came up with a series of activities, games, and self-assessment methods which encourage students to take an active role in their learning and find personal connections with the material being covered. Want your students to think of themselves as French speakers rather that just students in a French class? Let me show you the activities that I'm using in my grade 9-11 FSL classes to encourage language acquisition, improve attendance, and make French classes fun! Part one of this session will introduce us to the concepts and activities used to create a meaningful and fun French for teachers and students alike, and will include stories and student reactions to the activities. Part two will delve right into hands-on work, role play, games, and ideas you can take right back to your classrooms.


Friday 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Room Room 300

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  • Nancy Griffith-Zahner