Creating Meaning Through Engagement in Language Learning

What more can we do as language educators to help learners make meaning, achieve deep learning, and transfer their learning from textbook and beyond? The presenter will share her experiences of how to encourage and engage learners in partner, group or whole class activities in which they use thinking skills to understand and process content and concept while “constructing” meaning. Participants will learn the benefits of choosing essential vocabulary, teaching grammar as a concept in context, and developing activities (such as storytelling, questioning, character creation, and picture talk) to get learners involved in using the target language, optimize class time, and facilitate expressing themselves in the target language, esp. at the novice level. Participants will also take away with ideas for setting up and developing engaging activities and lesson plans that can be tailored to meet their own curriculum needs and language levels in their daily instruction.


2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Crofton House School
    Ping Li

    Ping Li has been teaching language at Crofton House School for three decades with a demonstrated history of practising, promoting and advocating learner-centered, personalized, and inquiry-based language learning method to make language application and cultural understanding more relevant, authentic, and meaningful both in the classroom and in real life. She regularly presents her research and best practices in language education at various local and national Pro-D events. Currently, she serves as Mandarin representative for BCATML.