B09 - Inspire, engage, & transform through Inquiry-based language learning & culture exploration

If you are looking for ways to engage and inspire learners in language learning and cultural exploration, come to this session to experience the advantages of employing inquiry language-learning process for empowering language proficiency and cultural understanding. This presentation focusses on infusing cultural understanding and appreciation into Mandarin learning and covers the following:

1) Effective strategies through practical and interactive learner-centered activities to make language learning and cultural understanding more relevant, authentic, and meaningful in real lives.

2) Various resources found in existing teaching materials, daily life, online and from the local community.

3) An activity to try out or share the inquiry-based approach of integrating cultural components into the process of language teaching and learning.


Friday 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Room Room 320

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  • (BCATML Mandarin Rep)
    Ping Li