A09 - A Game-based Approach to Teaching Beginner Chinese

The focus of this interactive session draws on lesson designs that promote learner engagement and that have been successfully field-tested in the K-12 context. The session will use several sample interconnected units to (a) describe the use of a game-based approach as an overarching design framework, (b) accessibly explicate the theoretical basis specific to each unit and its associated tasks, (c) demonstrate the tasks within each unit to illustrate the task design principles, and (d) provide a brief note about options and caveats derived from field-testing. The session's coverage and format are designed with practical applications in mind in order to enable attendees to transfer the knowledge, ideas, or strategies to their own contexts and to make informed decisions about their own lesson/task designs and implementation.


Friday 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Room 320

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  • Li-Shih Huang