Introduction to Inclusive Language in French classrooms / Introduction au language inclusif en salle de class française

This workshop will be in English with French examples. All elementary and secondary teachers are welcome. We are working to become more inclusive of LGBTQ2+ students, staff, and families. Part of that work is examining biases and gaps in curriculum delivery and school practices. This workshop will focus on how we can begin embedding inclusive language in French. Explicit examples will be provided on how to incorporate pronouns in French. There will be opportunities for small group discussions as well as Q & A.


12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Lily Kamarn

    Lily Kamarn is the International Languages Helping Teacher for Surrey School District. Her portfolio includes supporting language teachers in curriculum and instruction. Lily has worked with Mentor36, the BC Ministry of Education as a curriculum team member and the BCTF as a Teacher Inquiry Facilitator.  

  • Chantal Goguen