A03 - Indigenous Music Research Project for Core French

Music forms a huge part of our everyday lives. Music, music genres, and musical instruments are some things that students can really identify with. However, students are often shocked at how little they know about music and music genres. The research project that will be presented in this workshop is a project that has been used in grade 9 Core French. In this project, students learn about indigenous music styles, languages, and tribes that exist in French-speaking areas, with a particular emphasis on Africa and French Polynesia. Students research the culture around music in the various cultures as well as instruments. They also look at what indigenous means, and what colonization means and how that relates to their project. This presentation will be geared toward Core French in the secondary level, but it can easily be applied to other languages. Ways in which this project may be adapted to other themes, grade levels, and languages will also be discussed.


Friday 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Room 301

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  • (BCATML Other Languages Rep)
    Andrew McFayden