Idello et le FLS: les ressources pédagogiques adaptées aux besoins des enseignants FLS ( 1e - 12e)

Nous découvrirons au cours de ce workshop les fonctionnalités d'Idello (Comment faire des recherches efficaces, création de dossiers de favoris, entre autres), et surtout les ressources Idello adaptées au FLS, les vidéos, les livres numériques, et surtout les outils pédagogiques pour enseignants et les activités pour les élèves.

Target Audience

Grades 1-12


10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Barbara Johnson

    Barbara started her career in teaching French in Asia. But her passion for travelling, languages and education have led her to live and teach in different countries in Europe. Back to the corporate world, she got the mission to train young managers in Eastern Europe, from Turkey to Russia. Later on, she started her new adventure in Canada by teaching French again to young students in a Montessori School, but moved on to a publishing company specialized in FSL resources. Creating, developing relationships, sharing knowledge, are her true motivations. “Being a member of IDÉLLO is a real privilege. I am really looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience with you all”.