Bougez! Chantez! Dansez! Pensez! Discutez! Francophone Music Affects the Hearts, Minds and Discourse of Core French Learners

Music connects our students to Francophone culture by giving our learners the opportunity to react and develop their competencies in a variety of ways. This session will place participants in the role of the learner by discovering and reacting to a variety Francophone music and genres.  We will work together to develop students’ competencies by using music as a catalyst for appreciating and connecting to Francophone culture. Each participant will leave the session with adaptable documents, strategies, and technological tools. Venez pour une occasion de bouger, danser et chanter!


10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

This session is full.


  • Shauna Nero

    Shauna Néro is Mission School District’s French Program Coordinator and forner part-time Vice Principal at École Mission Central Elementary School. She has experience teaching Core French, Spanish, Sciences Humaines and Français langue from grades 8-12. Shauna is the Past President of the BC Language Coordinators Association. She is passionate about engaging students in the learning process using authentic and/or digital resources as well as assessment that assess the learning processes through observation, conferences and final products.