A10 - Differentiated learning with games in the Punjabi, Spanish and French classrooms.

We as a Princess Margaret team design lessons based on our students' learning needs and styles. Our goal is to maximize our students' growth and potential. Language learning through games and fun-filled activities is exciting and challenging at the same time. In this interactive workshop, we are going to focus on universal design of learning which includes verbal/oral, visual & kinesthetic learning. Also, the goal is how to retain the knowledge of grammar concepts like verb conjugations, sentence structure, vocabulary words etc. Get ready to play fun-filled games with us.


Friday 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Room 310 & 311

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  • (BCATML Punjabi Rep)
    Amandeep Chhina
  • Stephanie Moreno
  • (BCATML French Rep)
    Trish Kolber