C07 - Language through song: A multimedia supplement to traditional textbooks

This workshop will interactively showcase the first stage of development of a digital learning tool that teaches language through song. Research in cognitive sciences has concluded that, to learn a new word or phrase in another language, one must arrive at a hundred meaningful repetitions. Repeating a song is immensely more enjoyable and effective than re-reading a text or completing a variety of drills; hence the idea to organize the language learning experience around music. The foundation of the project is a database that pairs simple songs with semantic fields and grammatical structures that are typically covered in a first-year language course. The intention is not to create an alternative, but an attractive supplement to traditional textbooks. In our workshop, we will explore the back end of the product and experiment with the front end.


Friday 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Florian Gassner