Games in my Second Language Classroom

Games are a very useful tool to hook students into the idea of second language learning. During this workshop, I will introduce various games and competitions that I use to motivate students in my second language classroom. These games will range from card games to websites. Many of the activities will be in French, but I have used many of them in Spanish and in other languages as well.


12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Andrew McFayden

    Andrew McFayden is a French and Spanish teacher at Prince George Secondary School in Prince George, BC. He has been a teacher for 26 years. He speaks French, Spanish, and Scottish Gaelic fluently as well as some Italian. He has served as Prince George Modern Languages Association president for 8 years and has served on the BCATML Executive Committee for the past 3 years. He has developed, and taught, a language survey course model at his school to introduce students to various languages. He has and presented this model at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.